March 2 - April 15, 2018

To describe our mental or spiritual being as our interiority is to suggest that we are not continuous with the external world. As private individuals, our interior lives are imagined to be our own. The domestic interior is the architectural counterpart to our mental interiority - private spaces sealed off from their surroundings, arranged in accordance with our personal desires and habits.

To furnish an interior, though, is to externalise our fantasies and to bring objects and spaces into our psychic economy. But our privatised individualities might themselves be a fantasy of another economy, a political economy that imbues objects with an interior life rich with metaphysical subtleties. We are perhaps more continuous with our surroundings than we might wish to be - domestic interiors inhabit us as we inhabit them and objects dream us up as we dream them. The artists in Interiority introduce a creeping discomfort with these most cosy surroundings and estrange us from the objects with which we are most intimate.

Text and curation by Clementine Keith-Roach 

Beatrice Loft Schulz 
Jack McConville 
Jesse Wine 
Clementine Keith-Roach
Simon Mathers 
Christopher Page 
Ben Burgis & Ksenia Pedan